4 Steps to Master Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel – Simple to Advanced Techniques – Online Self Paced Course with 1 x 1 hr Group Coaching Call


4 Steps to Master Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel – Simple to Advanced Techniques – Online Self Paced Course with a Group Coaching Call

Because of the sheer volume of data in business today, one of the challenges a Excel users face is how to “fast track” the process of taking data from other systems such as SAP, Oracle, Reckon, MYOB or any stock or staff management system and be able to dissect it quickly and easily into meaningful information that can be actioned.

This self-paced online training program is offered as a one-month program, designed to break working with and analyzing data in Excel into 4 simple steps.
Unlike a face-to-face program, this Intensive offers a range of benefits that cannot (or would be expensive) to achieve in face-to-face delivery format:

  • This self-paced program enables students to go through the data at their own pace, fast or slow without feeling like they are “holding back” others or that the session is too basic.
  • Because the program is scheduled to be completed within a calendar month, participants have a defined end point and accountability to complete the program within the month. 
  • Participants have time to try out what they are learning on a sample file or can test it out on a copy of their own data actioning what they have learnt in each step.
  • Whilst some topics and tools covered may already be know to some users, this program provides a framework for dealing with the process of extracting data and creating dashboards to make creating regular reports or dashboards easy.
  • Research indicates adults learn best when they learn in smaller bite sized pieces (also known as micro-learning), this means new skills are more likely to be retained and embedded.
  • The live Zoom group coaching call at the end of the 4-week program, provides an opportunity for students to check in and ask questions about the content they covered and to ask questions to help embed new skills.

The online course is designed to guide students through the process to ensure data analysis is easy and simple.

The April 2024 program will commence on Monday 1st April 2024 and conclude on Tuesday 30th April 2024 with a live Zoom Group coaching call (30-60 min approx) to answer questions.
The call recording will be included in the course resources so students can revisit the call along with the program contents until the end of the access period (30 March 2025).

Program Format
Pre-work – plus 4 weekly modules.

Participants should allocate approx. 1 hour per week to work through content at their own pace including making notes and applying what they learn on their own data plus and additional 30-45 minutes to attend the live group coaching call.

What does the 4 Steps to Master Data Analysis in Microsoft – Simple to Advanced Techniques self paced online course cover?

  • Students will learn in how Microsoft Excel needs data set up to make analysis easier
  • Students will learn how to use Excel tools to troubleshoot and ‘tidy up’ imported data to make analysis simple
  • Students will understand and learn how simple and advanced tools to sort and filter data by more than one criteria saving time and frustration – without using any formulas, functions or math!
  • Students will learn how to use a range of data analysis tools that require NO knowledge of formulas to enable reports or summaries of data to be easily produced within minutes not hours!
  • Students will explore the possibility of automating some or all of their data analysis processes.

Topics covered include:

  • Data list set up – how knowing Microsoft Excel’s rules for data set up can save you hours of wasted time and frustration.
  • Features and functions to make “tidying” up imported data fast and easy to enable you to ensure your data is ready for analysis.
  • Sort and filtering tips and features to make sorting simple, easy and fast.
  • Excel tools to highlight and summarize data that meets specified criteria.
  • Pivot tables and pivot charts – what they are and how to use them along with a inbuilt tools in Excel to enable users to create simple dashboards to dynamically display pivot table data.
  • How to take what you’ve learnt and automate data analysis.

User friendly, jargon free, this course is a MUST for anyone working with large amounts of data who want to minimize risk or errors and make data analysis simple without the need to understand complex Excel formulas.

What the program DOES NOT cover
Complicated formulas and functions.
This program is designed to increase confidence and help students understand one of the most fundamental skills needed in business today, the ability to interpret data taken from internal systems and present or analyze it to enable decisions to be made or action to be taken.

The program consists of Prework and 4 Modules

Pre-work – Review resources and preparation video prior to course start date

1. Step 1 (or Week 1) – Preparing data – How to set up and clean up your Excel data to make analysis SIMPLE.

2. Step 2 (or Week 2) – Analyzing Data

3. Step 3 (or Week 3) – Presenting Data Graphically

4. Step 4 (or Week 4) – Automating the Process

Investment: A$275 inc GST per participant 


  • Access to course content and Zoom coaching recording for 12 months from course commencement date 
  • Access to 1 x live group coaching session.

NOTE: If you would like to offer this as a program just for your organization, contact us via our contact form with details and we can arrange a time to speak.