Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle

All you need to massively unlock time in your already overloaded workday!

Here’s the thing…….


Every year I work with clients desperately wanting help to free up time in Microsoft Office so they can get back to selling, supporting customers or clients, or just feeling less overwhelmed with day-to-day administration.


They all tell me that would LOVE to have me sitting at the desk beside them to answer their questions. 


They don’t want help every minute of the day, but they DO want to learn new insights or tips to save valuable time, stress and frustration at their own pace but not with a high $$$$ price tag or monthly fees, just maximum value and a realistic price.


If this is you, then you may be interested in my latest offering.


I have taken four of my most popular 1 hour webinars and put them into a package I call the …..


Office Productivity Bundle (OPB)

This bundle has access to four of my most popular webinars:
1. Microsoft Word Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
2. Microsoft Excel Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
3. Microsoft Outlook & Email Management Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
4. Presentation Power – Working with Microsoft PowerPoint & Presentation Tips

The beauty of the Office Productivity Bundle is that for one LOW price you get 12 months access to these recordings.


Each webinar has its own downloadable workbook for note taking that you get to keep as a resource! 

I’ve lost track of the number of people who come back to me years later and tell me, the workbooks alone have become dog eared reference “bibles“.


Don’t waste time, this bundle cannot last, so grab it now for only $37.


The fine print…..

1. The offer is for a limited time.  I have a limited number of places I can have on my course platform before I have to close it off.   I’m not sure how long I will keep this offer open for, so get in quick if you want access at this special price.

2. The price is low because access is for 1 person only.  If you want multiple user access, please either purchase multiple times or if you want access to more than 10, please reach out via our contact form, and we can arrange an invoice.

3. Access is for 365 days from the date of purchase.