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If you are looking for ideas and programs to keep you team connected and engaged in these challenging times, you’ve come to the right place!

For over ten years Productivity Expert Donna Hanson has been delivering live virtual, pre-recorded presentations and on demand programs for clients to access to suit their staff needs, geographic location and availability.

Donna’s programs are NOT boring, they are designed to create engagement and knowledge sharing as well as inspire and motivate your team to try out new techniques and share ideas with colleagues on an ongoing basis.

Programs include customised work from home training, one on one small group coaching, large scale virtual conference delivery or recorded presentations on demand with reporting on access.

Take the next step:

Donna’s virtual programs can be customised to suite your organisational or event needs.

Programs include customised :

  • Working with and leveraging Zoom Video Conferencing Software
  • Microsoft Word Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
  • Microsoft Excel Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
  • Microsoft PowerPoint & Presenting Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
  • Microsoft Outlook & Email Management Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Download our one page program flyer here.

Find out more about virtual production services offered by our parent company Prime Solutions Training & Consulting Pty Ltd here.

Take a look at Donna’s existing on-demand programs below.

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