Per-fect vs Perfect

Per-fect vs Perfect

Many teams spend a lot of time crafting their client presentations or marketing materials.  Liaising with the marketing and communications department, to ensuring the organisational logo is displayed in the appropriate location for brand consistency. However, rather than make our presentations perfect, I believe we should be perfecting our presentations instead.

Recently I took time out to watch a documentary that has been around for awhile but I hadn’t had a chance to watch, The Comedian.  It is a documentary on Netflix that follows Jerry Seinfeld and his step back into stand up comedy after the end of the successful Seinfeld program.

After watching it I reflected on a number of things.  One thing I noticed was Jerry’s focus on perfecting his jokes and his show.

Jerry is well known for perfecting his performances.  From refining stories, to removing superfluous words or changing the sequence, Jerry focuses on the little things and perfecting his language and delivery to make his stories, observations or jokes more effective. 

If I relate this to business, even when we have a plan, we often don’t make the time to practice, refine and perfect the content.  Whether it be removing complex language, remove information that doesn’t add value, or ensuring we have a backup plan if our PowerPoint crashes or our product demonstration goes awry, it’s important that we refine and perfect our presentations for maximum impact.

The more you perfect your ‘material,’ the more polished your processes, documentation, spreadsheets and emails will become. 

This means working with your team to refine and perfect your presentation content, concept and delivery.

Whilst the Seinfeld TV series amazed the world as it was considered a show about “nothing”, reality is it everything was perfected to make it look like it was about nothing something to watch.

Successful presentations don’t just happen, they are planned and perfected.  What are you doing today to perfect your next presentation?

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