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About Donna Hanson

Empowering Professionals with Microsoft 365

Hi! I’m Donna Hanson, and I’m passionate about helping professionals like you achieve more with Microsoft 365. Whether you’re managing schedules, creating presentations, or organising data, I understand the unique challenges you face every day.

My Journey

My last role before becoming involved in training was as a personal assistant to the managing director of a national plumbing supply company, I was asked to join a computer hardware company as their training manager. Despite having no formal training qualifications, my real-world experience allowed me to relate to the challenges faced by those attending training.

To formalise my expertise, I completed a short course to become an accredited workplace trainer. Without any sales experience, I built a client base through outbound cold calls, negotiating joint ventures, and securing sizable contracts, including a two-year agreement with a large local government.

The computer hardware company was liquidated and I faced personal challenges, including a marriage breakdown and caring for my two-year-old son. This prompted me to establish Prime Solutions Training & Consulting, where I continued to provide training, working with many national and international clients, including global consultancy Accenture.

My Approach

Through my experiences, I noticed that traditional training was often not relevant to what people needed in the workplace. As a result, I shifted my focus to creating training that was more practical and workplace-relevant that also delivered a better return on investment for clients.

I started speaking at conferences and events about productivity with technology and Microsoft Office tips, using real-world examples and simple ideas that resonated with audiences. This approach generated new opportunities to work with businesses, schools, associations and their teams to develop customised training solutions.

Who I Help

Do you work in an administrative role within a business, school or association and use Microsoft 365 programs every day?

Are you trying to balance a busy professional and personal life?

Are you a daily Microsoft 365 Core Four User (think Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or Outlook) who from drafting documents to managing emails, relies on these programs to keep things running smoothly?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or still finding your way around, I provide the guidance and support you need to feel confident and competent.

Why Choose Me?

  • Personalized Training: I understand that everyone learns differently. I have a range of training solutions to meet your specific needs and skill levels.
  • Practical Tips & Tricks: Gain access to a wealth of practical advice that can save you time and make your workday more efficient.
  • Ongoing Support: A range of opportunities for short term or ongoing support are available.


Today, I work with organisations and teams to deliver productivity-focused learning experiences directly related to the workplace. I do this via in person presentations, online webinars and courses online courses, group coaching programs, consulting, and a few one-on-one coaching clients.

Outside of work, I’m married with two adult boys. I love to read, spend time with my family (including caring for my elderly father), drink coffee, eat good Mexican food and travel

Discover more about my work at www.donnahanson.com.au or explore my online courses at www.donnahanson.com.au/courses.


Quick Bio

Donna Hanson’s Achievements 

Why Donna Hanson

As a professional presenter, Donna inspires audiences to increase business productivity, performance and profits with Microsoft Office programs. Productivity Expert, Donna works with organizations, associations and individuals virtually offering programs that provide a real return on investment. She regularly appears on TV and radio as a media commentator discussing productivity and technology related topics. She works with organisations and their teams virtually to leverage their knowledge and technology to increase everyday business productivity.

With the pandemic impacting on organizational ability to work face to face, businesses had to quickly adapt. Policies and resources were rapidly developed and deployed to minimize disruption and enable teams in all parts of the world to work-from-home or work remotely.

Those with with limited experience in learning and development may seek the type of “one size fits all” approach, but those with foresight will recognize the opportunity to create virtual learning that brings together teams virtually in an engaging and collaborative way that not only builds productivity but creates a solid framework to retain and grow the organization’s intellectual capital.

Donna's areas of expertise


Donna is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), a globally recognized certification for professional speakers, and also a dual certified virtual presenter (CVP) certified by online speaker bureau eSpeakers and Power Women Worldwide.  Her programs can be delivered virtually live or pre-recorded with the ability for extended access to recordings to further maximize investment.


Microsoft Office productivity trainer Donna Hanson inspires and motivates organizations and teams to better manage time, increase productivity and leverage the power of Microsoft Office software.  Her practical “how to” insights, tips and strategies along with her fun and engaging approach to delivery ensures her messages “stick” with audiences creating enthusiasm and momentum about a topic often considered dry and boring.

Online Courses

For those that prefer to learn at their own pace, I offer a range of structured self-paced training courses covering essential business skills such as Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel or application specific webinars for a fast injection of ideas and productivity tips.

Purchase access to one course or join my Productivity Academy for access to all my courses + a monthly live group Q&A zoom call for a monthly per person subscription fee.

Media Commentator

Radio, print, and television seek out productivity expert Donna Hanson for commentary or expert comments on topics or news items related to topics such as email management, email etiquette, workplace productivity, workplace technology risk management or questions related to workplace technology. Find more about Donna as a media commentator here.