Keynote Conference Speaker to increase productivity Donna Hanson Australia

Want a speaker for your next conference or event that gives your attendees content that can IMMEDIATELY impact on their productivity?

Want a speaker who can take a boring subject like technology and get your attendees excited about tasks they do every day?

You’ve come to the right place!

Donna Hanson is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the only globally recognised accreditation for professional speakers who informs, educates and inspires audiences to change the way they look at everyday technology.

She is passionate about getting people OFF technology and back to the things that matter, such as selling or servicing clients or just getting to take a lunch break or go home on time.

She is one of only five people outside the US accredited to train Microsoft’s own staff in an email productivity program! Over 20 years of learning and development experience, Donna knows how to increase productivity and performance of the organisations through productivity training.

She has delivered programs in the US, UK, Singapore, Australia (of course), Japan, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

Every one of her programs is customised to meet your event or conference needs and are focussed on having your team walk away with tangible actions that have an immediate impact on their productivity.

Donna’s programs can be delivered as:
45 – 90 minute keynote
VIP client session
Break out sessions
Pre or Post conference Masterclass or
Team or Executive Retreats

See Donna in Action