Ask for Help

Ask for Help

I started a conversation with Sarah, a woman I was sitting next to at an event last week. 

She told me a little about her job and the fact that she loved to help others but didn’t like to receive or ask for help back. When I asked her why, she said it was because it didn’t feel right to take from others. 

I asked her how it felt when she gave someone help.  She said, it feels wonderful. It makes me feel like I am contributing and am needed.  It’s like giving a gift. 

It was something I could relate to as up until recently I felt the same until a different perspective was shared with me which flipped my thinking. 

When you help someone, it feels like gift giving. If someone wants to help you, they want to give you a gift. 

If you don’t allow them to, you aren’t giving them the opportunity to feel the feelings you get as a result of helping others. 

I shared my learning with Sarah. Her eyes lit up. I could see a shift in her. A realization that all the times she said NO to help she was pushing away people who wanted to support her. 

Sometimes we give help to others, but we don’t accept or ask for help back. Doing this deprives others of the opportunity to feel the feelings we get when we help others. 

What do you need to ask for, or accept help with?  

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