I’ve recently facilitated 10 days of training organisations in the Cook Islands.

It’s a beautiful environment and one of the things I learnt was the importance of comfort.

Now comfort means that when you are doing a task you feel more empowered, you feel in control, you feel not concerned that you’re going to make mistakes or that something is wrong. So whether it be you’re working in an Excel spreadsheet and you’re confident looking around of all formulas and you understand what the formulas are doing and you feel comfortable that the numbers in your documentation are correct.

Whether it is a Powerpoint presentation where you need to insert a landscape page in the middle of a portrait document and you feel comfortable knowing how to do it. Or whether it is a Powerpoint presentation where you’re comfortable that you know how to manage the risk of issues that might happen with data projectors not working and you have a back up plan A, B and C.

Whatever it is, what are you doing today to get comfortable?
I don’t mean comfortable from a relaxed let go perspective, but comfortable knowing that you’ve got all your bases covered, and if the worst happens you can deal with it.

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