Cumulative Gains

Recently I worked with a new team who were quite proficient with Excel.
Our session provided them with the opportunity to fill their knowledge gaps, check in and see what their colleagues knew and provide the time and space to explore better processes and productivity gains.

In our session together, I shared a range of topics designed to immediately impact on their personal productivity.
One of my favourites is macros.
When I introduce the concept of macros, I see “light globes” go off as people appreciate the power this tool has to fast track their common tasks.
Even the more reserved team members get excited and so do I!

Sometimes we just need to metaphorically have our ‘hand held’ and guided through how particular processes or tools can reduce risk and stress and increase productivity.
Although fast tracking a task is amazing, we often forget that whilst an initial 5 – 10 minutes are saved, there are far greater cumulative gains over time.

Just five minutes saved on one task, five days a week equals 25 minutes a week.
Multiplied by 48 weeks a year is 1200 minutes or 2.5 days per year.

Every time you choose not improve a process or a task because it will take to long to fix, consider instead the cumulative gains you make as a result of your ‘up front’ investment of time.

What cumulative gains will you make this week?

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