Different Experiences

Different Experiences

The past twelve months have forced us to be more present to life in general.

Things we have taken for granted we now appreciate a bit more, time with family, friends, exploring your local area and realising how blessed we are to be safe.

As we start to come out of hibernation, I’ve been noticing that the kindness and compassion we shared with our community doesn’t seem as strong as it once was.  It may be fatigue, or people being keen to simply get on with life many people as back to the pre-COVID busyness.

For some COVID has been a speed bump in life, but others have been significantly impacted.

The side you fall into doesn’t matter, you just need to know everyone has had their own experience that is probably not the same as yours.

As many people start heading back to work, communication is important.

How am I/we going to navigate through this and how do I/our team feel about it?

It is a time to encourage open conversations with colleagues and team about what worked when working from home, what didn’t work and how things can be made better moving forward.

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