Having a mentor makes workers happier in their jobs.

According to CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workplace Happiness Survey1 conducted earlier this year, workers who have a mentor are more likely to be happy in their job.

In my work with clients, my goal is to add value so when I leave the organisation it is in a much better state than when we first started. 

I view having mentors, and formal and informal knowledge sharing frameworks as keys to retaining staff, increasing engagement and fast-tracking productivity.

When workers feel engaged and valued they enjoy their work more, and when they enjoy their work they are more productive.

When an organisation has a true framework for knowledge sharing, combined with mentoring programs, internal processes and ideas can shared, challenged and fine-tuned. The result, a happier workplace with the flow on effect of happy customers/clients.  So why aren’t more organisation’s doing it?

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