If you’ve been searching for longer than a year, it’s not that easy!

If you’ve been searching for longer than a year, it’s not that easy!

On a client visit, the CEO asked me for help. 

He opened a spreadsheet and showed me formulas and calculations.  He explained his frustration at not being able to understand or locate the data the formulas related to.  The formulas were not correct, and he couldn’t find the source of the information to make the changes.  He figured having an “expert” in the office, I might be able to solve this question that had been bugging him for over a year!

I looked at the formula, and after a few clicks found the problem.  I instructed him to right click on a worksheet tab and choose unhide, then unhide the worksheet containing the data he was looking for.

To say he was blown away was an understatement, however it was his next sentence that blew ME away…..”well that was easy” he said!

Whilst it looked easy, if it truly had been that easy, why hadn’t he found the solution in the last twelve months?

Henry Ford is said to have baulked at paying a bill he thought was exorbitant for the amount of time taken to fix a problem.  The trouble shooter reportedly apologised and subsequently edited his invoice to read $1 for the fix and the remainder of the invoice value for the years of knowledge required to know what to do to fix the problem!

To fast track the results you want to achieve, you need expertise.  Expertise requires financial investment which is easily recouped in the time saved.  When you don’t invest in the expertise to fast track the resolution of your challenges or issues, you risk wasting time that can never be replaced.  What’s your preference?

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