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Starting a new role there is generally some sort of induction.

A number of years ago as a contract trainer I worked with a global consultancy firm training graduates starting with the business and experienced new hires in the organization’s use of email and database management with Lotus Notes. 

Graduates were taken through a full day program and experienced new hires a half day.  The investment of both money and time was made in ensuring these new staff members had a strong understanding of how the infrastructure was used in the organization.

These days, when a new employee starts, they may be taken through an induction process but it is often assumed that they know “how” to use email. 

In business today most workers are familiar with the operational process of utilising email, but its tactical use within an organization is often overlooked. Teams and organizations have an unwritten communication culture.  For example, if the expectation is that everyone leaves their email open all day and responds to messages when they arrive, you can expect staff to feel stressed and frustrated when they struggle to get a clear run at the activities they were employed to do.

2018 research by time management software company, RescueTime found that 40% of knowledge workers never get 30 minutes straight of focussed time in a workday free from communication.

Whilst you may be thinking, I can’t change what my organization does, and you are probably right, you CAN change your response.  Something as simple as scheduling calendar time to close your email to work on a task that requires complete focus can deliver amazing results. 

Whilst it might sound simple and easy, sometimes simple and easy is just the thing you need to shift you from overwhelmed to overjoyed.  Give it a try.

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