No communication IS communication.

My pet peeve is people, or organizations who say they are going to do something and then don’t deliver on the promise.  Whilst ideally it would be great to have everyone deliver on their promise, there are times when it just doesn’t happen for whatever reason.

When that happens, what I really want is communication, even if it isn’t the news I want to hear.

I really don’t care if you aren’t going to meet a deadline we agreed on as much as I want to receive communication that the deadline isn’t going to be met and what is being done to rectify or deliver on the promise.  Not receiving communication is worse. No communication IS communication.  It is communicating to colleagues, customer or team members so many things.  It creates uncertainty, instability. When deadlines aren’t met, nor updates received, human nature is to try and interpret what this silence means. 

A recent McKinsey report suggests ‘two-thirds of organizations have spoken vaguely, if at all, about postpandemic hybrid work.’ Resulting in anxiety, stress, and decreased focus and offers four approaches to assist with well being, cohesion and productivity.

Whilst you may or may not know what your organization’s workplace looks like just yet, the simple act of communicating that can be all it takes to let your team know that we are on the roller coaster ride together.

How are you keeping your colleagues or team informed of the future?

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