Plan Your Week For Success

Plan Your Week For Success

Recently, whilst planning my activities for the week, I started thinking about a CNBC article I read last year that referenced an Arianna Huffington interview with Malcom Gladwell. In the interview, he shared that he is at his most productive in the first three hours of the day.

Author, Daniel Pink in his book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, shares the concept of determining our most productive hours of the day based on a concept, Larks, Owls and “Third Birds”. Larks those at their most productive in the morning, owls at night and “third birds” as those in between.

I know I’m a lark.

I’m awake at 5am most mornings. I’m at my most productive early in the day so a vast proportion of my “heavy” mentally focussed work is best done by 12 noon.

Whilst you probably already know your most productive hours of the day, the question is, are you really maximising them?

Knowing I’m a lark means I can plan my time accordingly, scheduling meetings or follow ups in the afternoon. When I work knowing that I’m at my most productive in the mornings, I generally end the day feeling like I have achieved what I set out to, rather than letting someone else control my day, which can easily happens if we are not too careful!

So, what are you? And how can you ensure that this week, this month and this year, you are doing the stuff that matters in your most productive hours?

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