Productive Leadership – Tarran Deane

Productive Leadership – Tarran Deane
Tarran Deane is a Leadership Development specialist.

She is determined to reduce the ‘trafficking of leaders’ – good people leaving leadership roles, Tarran has extensive knowledge of emerging trends, the internal politics of organisations and the impact of disunity, the blame game & unrealistic expectations.

Tarran is a former National Executive of leading Australian NFP “House With No Steps”, with annual revenue of $55million during Tarran’s service. Tarran has more than 41,000 real time hours in leadership across finance, training and development, tourism and community engagement.

As a leadership development specialist, executive coach and change strategist to high performing Leaders at well known companies including BHP, Malaysia’s Petronas, Australia’s high impact charities BlueCare and Lifeline, along with Griffith University Business School and the University of Southern Queensland.

And she still finds time to play and ride her gorgeous red Ducati Monster!

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