There is no magic solution!

There is no magic solution!

Balancing work and life is an ongoing challenge. 

It’s not something that is miraculously achieved and permanently stays that way.

It is about balance; it’s about finding what’s right for YOU.

The technology we use needs to be partnered with human interaction. In many instances, we don’t take into account human involvement required to determine how to leverage technology to improve our efficiency.  We tend to rely on the technology to do the job for us and then feel frustrated when we struggle to cope, but reality is we just aren’t geared to cope with the volume of data we need to process.

Many of the clients I work with are looking for THE answer.

They ask, what’s the secret to balance and productivity? 

Many are looking for one thing, a download to the brain of information, like the plot of the movie The Matrix, or perhaps a USB stick with everything you or your team ever need and the ability to plug it into the back of their staff members heads and download everything. 

But productivity requires a combination of technology and human interaction or learning.

Learning to use new technology is like going to the gym.

You can’t expect to join the gym, get fit and they say, “I’m fit, I don’t need to go to the gym anymore!” 

Once you’ve got the mix right, how to best leverage a piece of technology for the outcome you desire, you need to monitor, maintain and manage it.  You need to be regularly re-evaluating the productivity gain you are achieving because things change, circumstances change, customers’ needs change and your teams change.

The old adage is when you stop learning you die. Reality is that is true.  We are learning every single day and if you’re not open to learning, you’re not going to grow, then you’re not going to get better.

Change is a part of life we must accept.  

The easiest way to get people to embrace new technologies is to communicate what’s in it for them, why is it valuable and how is it going to make their life easier.  Ultimately your team is just doing their job.  At the end of the day they go home to another life. What should you be doing to engage them and increase their productivity whilst there in the office?

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