You don’t need more work!

You don’t need more work!

I recently worked with a sales manager who was a specialist in their industry. 

On a regular basis (twice a month) they would receive data from their IT department detailing sales by representative in a single Excel worksheet. 

The sales manager would save a copy of the file for each staff member, rename it with the staff member’s name, remove all the worksheets for other staff, then email the file to the relevant staff member for them to update current status of returns or claims. 

This task was done on average once a week. 

When the files were sent back the sales manager would begin the laborious task of comparing one to the other to check and approve changes and then updating and merging information to go to IT for them to upload to the organisation’s system. 

In a half hour together we reviewed the current process, explored the idea of identifying areas for editing, unlocking cells and protecting the worksheet.  We combined this with some shortcuts to quickly and easily separate worksheets without having to save the file again and created a new process. 

We repeated it several times to embed the process and the sales manager wrote notes to ensure they could easily follow the process without me. 

The result, now the sales manager has at least an extra two hours per week to focus on more important issues that data analysis. 

What are you doing today to help you and your team reduce the administration they need to do to enable them to get back to the things that matter, selling, servicing or supporting your internal and external customers? 

Need some help streamlining processes for you or your team? 

Donna Hanson is a productivity speaker, trainer and educator who works with organisations who want to increase teamwork, collaboration, engagement and productivity with technology they already own.  To learn more about how Donna can help, visit  

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