Are you attached??

For many, the pandemic and connectivity meant a sense of being more attached to our workplaces given our home life and work life became so intertwined.

We adjusted as best we could to the situation we found ourselves in, but for many it created expectations that may not be in our best interests moving forward.

Great to see this article from ABC News Australia about disconnecting from workday technology.

When expectations aren’t clear, people make assumptions.

It’s important moving forward that organisations and teams are clear about workplace boundaries.

What are the expectations in your workplace?

When working with an accounting practice and their team, I asked one of the directors if everyone knew what constituted billable time?  The answer was a very definite YES!  I few seconds later a team member sheepishly raised their hand and said, “I don’t.”  For this firm, this simple assumption that everyone knew what constituted billable time could have been costing them thousands of dollars.

If there are no expectations or they aren’t clear to everyone, or perhaps you assume the team knows what is expected maybe it’s time to create some or sit down and revisit them.

If you want help creating the conversation with your team, email and let’s talk.

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