Productivity Possible

Until Roger Bannister ran a mile in four minutes in 1954 ’s, no one believed running a mile in four minutes was possible.

In much the same way, many organizations considered having staff work from home permanently, or even on a part time basis impossible. But with the pandemic forcing lockdowns and work from home orders across the globe, many executives would now be hard pressed to remember how skeptical they were.

Productivity working from home IS possible!

As we start to move out of the pandemic and move into what will be a new way of working, like the four minute mile, many organizations are seeing the value of providing greater flexibility to staff not only to their bottom line, but also to retaining staff.

If you are looking for insights on what might be next, McKinsey’s 2021 and beyond is worth a read.  It has some great insights including five emerging trends shaping the future of general and administrative work in organizations.

What teams need from a technology perspective in the last twelve months has shifted dramatically and quickly.  Whilst many will get by in the short term, the need to manage and support staff with this “extreme digitization” of work means addressing a need for teams to acquire new skills and capabilities.

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