Are you overlooking the obvious?

Are you overlooking the obvious?

Whenever I work with teams on their productivity, I notice a number of things, but there is one thing that regularly stand out as an opportunity to increase connection and collaboration that is regularly overlooked.

The Expert

Every team or organisation has one.

The person “labelled” as the expert in Excel, expert at saying “NO”, getting stuff done, whatever it is.  They are the “measurement tool” the organisation and their teams use to compare and contrast their own expertise. 

Am I better at this than that person, or are they better than me?  If a person is considered to be advanced at something, it’s often in relation to their own skills or the skills of others around them, but it may not truly reflect that person’s actual skills.

When a person is labelled an “expert” they often become the “go to” person for questions and support.  Some enjoy this role, but others, over time can become resentful of having to help their colleagues which can result in stress and frustration and the potential for that knowledge to exit the business. (I should know I did this exact same thing in our of my roles!)

Reality is EVERYONE has something to contribute. 

Rather than having the experts, what if your organisation built EXPERTISE instead? 

By providing regular opportunities to share knowledge, not just from the experts, but with everyone contributing, provides a great mechanism to collaborate and connect. 

The only cost is time. 

I am often bought in to create “TIME” for an organisation. 

Time to set up a framework, discuss, draw in and encourage knowledge sharing.

But you don’t need me…you just need to make the time to build your team or organisation’s expertise a priority.

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