Communicating Change

Communicating Change

I once worked with an organisation who had spent several million dollars implementing a new video conferencing system.  They came to me to discuss training for their staff and wanted to know how much it would cost.

I asked the question I always ask and that was what was their budget?

You see if you don’t have some framework to work within, the options are almost unlimited.  You could go from giving them a link to a website to download some free resources through to a 12 month program of providing them with tools and resources to engage, knowledge share and embed learning.  It just depends on what you are prepared to invest.

You see, people think communicating change is easy, but it’s not.

It’s not because human nature is to fight change.  We like habit, the status quo and repetition.  We like change when it of our own making, for example, you don’t feel like your usual sandwich today for lunch, you feel like take away.

But when it comes to change in the workplace, the challenge is to TELL people about change rather than communicate change.  So what’s the difference.

When telling people in an organisation about change, change is generally being thrust upon them.  When you aren’t in control, the tendency is to push back or resist.  Communicating change means engaging your organisation in discussion.  It doesn’t have to be focus groups eating alfalfa sprouts and chanting.  It can be as simple as an online survey letting them know what is coming and providing and opportunity for them to contribute to the change.

By doing this you are allowing people to embrace the change, be part of the change and often be advocates for change.

So next time you are planning on change in your organisation, rather than thrust it on people, consider how you can engagement them as advocates for change rather than advocates for the status quo.

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