Banning Email After Business Hours

Great article in the Harvard Business Review on whether employers should ban email after hours.
Having technology at our fingertips to access email 24/7 means many people find it tempting to check emails in their down, family or recharge time in an effort to remain “in control”.

Reality is, as soon as you deal with what’s there, more comes in.

This article explores the importance of understanding why we use mobile technology.

Harvard Business Review

My thoughts?

For too long technology designed to increase productivity has been used without any guidance.
The result, rather than save time, more work is created and the lines between personal and business are blurred.

Now, I’m not suggesting every new piece of technology needs a rule book, but I am suggesting we stop applying our own assumptions around expectations of responsiveness, access and availability and expecting others to comply.

We don’t need disconnect, we simply need to be more strategic and work more strategically with the technology we already have.

Love to know your thoughts….

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