Should Businesses Plan to hire More in Next Three Months?

Credit Reporting body Dun & Bradstreet recently released Q2 2014 Business Expectations Survey Results indicating more businesses plan to hire staff in the next three months.

I wonder if this is a reactionary approach businesses take in response to increased workloads and pressure from government, unions and the like to create more jobs??

I believe before organisations simply recruit for more staff, they need to take a good long look at internal process improvement. Common technology such as Microsoft Office and Open Office, offer organisations the ability to automate and streamline documentation within the business, thereby reducing risk and unlocking hours of capacity shrouded by manual activity.

In some cases a review and a solution to streamline systems and processes can save businesses the cost of one or more staff members immediately.

Surely this is worth consideration given when the tough times come, there is no shortage of organisations willing to cut staff and outsource in an effort to reduce costs and increase shareholder profits.

Just another perspective….

Read the full survey here

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