Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable

We all view life through a lens. We have habits and processes.  They provide us with structure, consistency and security all things human beings desire. But when the lens through which we view life alters, it can be challenging.  For many of my clients this may be the introduction of new software, the acquisition of a new manager or organisational downsizing.

When we create a change for ourselves, it’s easy, because we chose it.  When it is thrust upon us, we can be caught off guard, and if we cannot immediately see the positive, we default to a defensive approach.  Comments like, “that will never work”, ”why do we need to change”, “I’ll never remember that” are common place and normal as we fell that we have lost control.

Since my early teenage years, on the kitchen in my parents’ home was a plaque.  My mother loved the plaque.  After a challenging day at work, she’d come home and read the words on the plaque before starting dinner.  The plaque contained the words of the Serenity Prayer, a commonly quoted prayer, the origin of which I am unsure, that suggests we accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change those things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Whilst not a religious family, these powerful words guided us through times of change and challenge.

Every so often, life sends you a curve ball, it could be at work, home or family.  We have two choices, to fight against it, or to go with the flow.  Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing which the important ones are to fight against and which ones we should just go with the flow.

Change in life is inevitable, we aren’t the same person we were as teenagers to today.  We change as a result of our experiences, opinions and beliefs.  The key to change being less jarring is being open to it.  When you are open to change it brings new opportunities, sometimes the opportunities are obvious and exciting, sometimes they are challenging and scary.  Reality is, everything always works out exactly as it is supposed to whether you agree with change or not.

So if change is inevitable, why not view it from a positive lens rather than a negative. I know I’d much rather be happy than angry or frustrated.  How about you?

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