Ever driven somewhere only to arrive and realise you don’t actually remember HOW you got there? 

I don’t mean how, you actually got there, you know that you drove there, but you have no conscious memory of the drive.  It’s almost like you travelled on “auto pilot”.  A common route you take turning each corner and arriving at your destination unconsciously.

So every year, I go to the United States to attend a professional speakers conference.  A few years ago it was in Orlando the Walt Disneyworld Resort. Going there was exciting, but I wanted to share with you something that I learnt whilst over there that I think is just so important for us all about productivity.

Often we look outside for the answers to our challenges, we go and Google and find 45 minutes later we still haven’t found the answer.

I believe the answers sit within. That’s what I found when I went to my professional speaking convention in Orlando.  In any organisation or association or group, there are always people who’ve tracked the same journey as you, who’ve done the same things, who want the answers that you want.  So what is the point of wasting your time trying to search the Internet looking for the answers when more than likely the answers exist within your organisation, team or association.

My tip today is why not ask someone in your organisation, team or association something that you don’t know about, or what to learn more about in the area of technology.

What are they using, how is it helping them and how can you leverage that knowledge to get better and spend less time doing the everyday stuff that just doesn’t matter and focus on the important things that you want to do in business and in life. 

Stop unconsciously doing the same thing trying to get a different result and start talking to others about your challenges.  You may be surprised at the answers you get!


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