Correct, Perfect, Enhance

Correct, Perfect, Enhance

Ever read an email and wondered why or what?  Why was it sent and what, if anything, are you supposed to do?

Before email existed, we used to write letters and memorandums (memos). Aside from the facsimile machine (fax), letters and memos were the main way we communicated or confirmed things in writing. 

Letters were laboured over.  Spelling mistakes corrected, grammar was perfected, and the clarity of the message was enhanced before it was sent out.

Today email is the primary method of written communication in business.  It’s ease of use has both it’s good and bad points but applying the logic of letter writing can help in ensuring your message is clear and that the receiver knows what they are or aren’t required to do.

It’s not that hard!

Type the email, correct it, perfect it and enhance it, don’t just send it.

Taking time to correct, perfect and enhance BEFORE you send emails minimises the likelihood of the receiver feeling confused or unclear and maximises your professionalism.  You might even find you get quicker responses!

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  1. Curtis Elskamp
    January 13, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    Hello. Thanks a lot! Really enjoyed reading this page.

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