Yesterday I worked with a group of women in a range of roles in an organisation. 

Some were quite skilled with technology using it every day, others were not. Some had spent time with me before and a few hadn’t. 

I found out later that one of those that hadn’t worked with me before was anxious and fearful about the program she was participating in. 


Her past experiences with technology had made her feel out of her depth and scared. 

I encouraged her not to feel overwhelmed, but to simply pick and choose the elements she needed and just listen to the rest to understand what her colleagues needed and used. She did very well in the program.  

We had a brief conversation afterward which highlighted to her that she is in an extremely supportive environment. She received reassuring feedback from two of her managers that encouraged her to reframe her self-imposed perception of not being able to do her job, into ‘I’m learning new skills to help me do my job more efficiently’. 

Her managers reinforced that she had all the attributes that made her perfect for the job she was there to do, but that these skills would help her be even better!

I could visibly see the fear, stress and anxiety lift from her shoulders. 

Changing the context can make the fear fade.

When we get ‘in our head’ about something that we are fearful of, often we see only the negative of everything we don’t know, rather than the positive of what we do know or our growth. 

Sometimes a kind word, action or simple reassurance is all it takes to set someone’s mind and rest and get them refocused on where they are going. 

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