Have You Bought Into the Technology Myth?

What is The Technology Myth?

The Technology Myth is simply a belief that adding new technology such as software or hardware to an organisation on its own holds the magic key to unlocking productivity in the business and opens the floodgates to increased profits.

Reality is this is far from the truth.

Although a majority of society would view the latest diet or weight loss supplement with an air of skepticism, the same doesn’t apply to technology.

On a consulting assignment with an organisation we were asked to “train staff” in how to use new video conferencing technology.

To determine the scope we had to offer a solution, one of the first questions we asked was “have you allocated a budget to train staff in how to use the new system?”

The answer was a bewildered “No”.

How much had they spent on their video conferencing solution?

A$10 million but not a dollar had been allocated to train staff to enable the business case “savings” to be converted to reality!

Organisations regularly buy into the myth of the value technology adds to business without truly questioning whether its implementation will deliver one of the following four key objectives:

  1. Will it reduce risk?
  2. Will it increase profit or profitability?
  3. Will it make doing business easier?
  4. Will it deliver a competitive advantage?

If it doesn’t achieve one or more of these…my suggestion, pass…

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