Hunger for Connection

Hunger for Connection

On a Monday morning a few months ago (pre COVID-10) whilst sitting in a coffee shop writing, a man came in to get a coffee.

What he said made me lift my head up from my writing.

He said today he was working from home and whilst he had a coffee machine at home, he said he came in for a ‘coffee and a chat’.

Business today is more ‘connected’ than ever. We can work from home, on an airplane, almost anywhere if we have an internet connection!

Whilst technology provides the ability to create documentation, analyse information and process data, it doesn’t provide true human interaction or connection.

Commonly referenced, Abraham Maslow’s ‘a theory of human motivation’ places a sense of belonging in the middle of his hierarchal model of human needs.

Whilst technology can help us process more, and social media can help create some human connection, nothing replaces the feeling we get from being in the physical, or at the moment virtual presence of others.

If technology provided us with everything we needed to feel we ‘belong’, there’d be no need for cafes or restaurants, meetings or conferences.

So, if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated, try stepping back from what you are doing and stepping into connecting with your colleagues, not via email but in real time via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or what ever visual connection your organisation is utilising right now.

You just might find the recharge you need.

Donna Hanson is a productivity speaker and trainer who works with organisations and their teams to leverage technology to increase productivity and reduce risk, stress and frustration on everyday tasks.  She presents virtually and in person at conferences, professional development days and in-house workshops.  Call +61 39457 4745 to find out how Donna can help your team better connect to feel supported and engaged in these unusual times.

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