What’s next?

What’s next?

I was recently asked where I think technology is going in the future as it relates to productivity. What’s the next BIG thing?

For many, the buzz is around AI (artificial intelligence), my thoughts, however, are closer to home.

Rather than adding MORE stuff, in my opinion, the greatest gains are to be made in increasing productivity and efficiency with the things we use every day.

When we focus on adding more stuff, all we do is add another layer of complexity. With more to learn, interpret and integrate into our already stretched activities and workload.

Adding more without strategy and purpose is a bit like buying a gym membership to get fit but never actually going!

Rather than add more stuff, why not better utilise the technology you already have?

Just like a car, or brains need a regular tune or check up to reboot our productivity.

What are you doing this week or month to reboot your brain with the technology you already use?

Donna works with organisations and their teams to reboot their productivity with technology they already own.  To find out more visit www.donnahanson.com or email donna@donnahanson.com.au and let’s talk!

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