Is It Really Necessary?

Is It Really Necessary?

Even though I have been a speaker and trainer in the area of productivity with technology for over twenty years, I’m still surprised by the volume of people who overuse technology just because that can or because it’s “easy”.

It’s easy to send of an email and feel like it’s ticking and item off your to do list, but the question I encourage all organisations to discuss is, “Is it really necessary?”

Before working with a team within an organisation, I conduct a pre-session survey.

I ask a question relating to the percentage of the emails they received daily that were reply all (where someone has chosen reply all instead of reply).  With one client, the response was 94.7%.  I take that number with the proverbial “grain of salt” as we often over estimate things that irritate us.

What it did highlight however was that the team were frustrated by things entering their inbox but not being relevant.

All they needed was one simple question.

Is this really necessary?

Rather than do work for the sake of it, today when communicating with others, particularly via email, ask yourself, is this really necessary before you press Reply All, or Reply?

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Want help getting your team to work out what’s necessary and what’s not?  I’d love to help.

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