It will take more than 5 minutes!

It will take more than 5 minutes!

One of the challenges with being a professional speaker, trainer and educator in the field of productivity with everyday technology is managing expectations. 

I’ve lost track of the number of presentations where at the end someone comes up and says, “I just have a [quick/simple/easy/or insert other related word] question.” 

Most of them want to explain their document or spreadsheet to me.  What it is doing or not doing and want me to tell them in that exact moment how to fix it.  When I tell them I need to ask questions or require more information, they are often disappointed.  Some will even say, I “Googled it, but still couldn’t find an answer that makes sense.” 

Like a doctor diagnosing a patient, I need to do three things, listen, look and learn to determine the best way to deal with the question.  In some instances, like a doctor, if there is information missing, then the “treatment” may not work and there may be a need to try something else. 

If you have a challenge with technology, human nature is to want it solved quickly, but often what we really need is to slow down and take a look at it with fresh eyes rather than look for a magic solution. 

This might mean taking a break from what you are doing and coming back to it; asking a colleague to take a look and make suggestions; or getting someone in to understand what it is you are trying to achieve and show you the way to fast track getting there. 

None of these options take five minutes, but when you get the right answer and it makes life easier on a regular basis it’s so worth it! 

What do you need to look at with fresh eyes?  

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