It’s not a miracle, it’s doing the work!

It’s not a miracle, it’s doing the work!

When I speak with prospective clients about programs they want to conduct, many think it is a matter of simply coming in, delivering some skills and walking out the door. That somehow the result will be a miraculously regenerated team who are excited and engaged and will never require training again!

Unfortunately, I don’t perform miracles.  Rather when I present, I educate, motivate and inspire participants and their teams to look at what and how they can work differently to reduce stress and risk and make life easier.

It’s easy to be engaged in the moment, but the real work starts when I leave!

As part of my programs I provide clients with the framework to continue the conversation once I leave the business. It’s up to them to keep it going, although some do ask me to come back to keep inspiring their teams…..

Reality is the context of an organization’s use of technology is best found inside rather than outside the business.

It’s easy to take the first step and get the help your team initially need; the hard part is committing to the ongoing work required to continue the growth in the weeks and months following my face to face interaction.

The best results from any professional development lies in the long-term conversations a program initiates.

When was the last time a professional development program you undertook created long term conversations that made a real difference to your team’s output?

Need help kickstarting a long term conversation in your team?  I’d love to help. Visit or email and let’s talk!

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