Human nature is to measure ourselves against others we perceive as having better knowledge, or more skill in areas we may feel with are lacking. We often judge ourselves for not being at the same skill or knowledge level or label ourselves as not being good at ‘that sort of thing’.

Nobody is generally good at something the first time they do it. That’s why we practice. It’s why we work on building skills. In much the same way as an athlete builds their skill, muscles and mental state to be able to return a serve in tennis, or the stamina to play any other physically demanding sport.

When we compare ourselves to others, we lose perspective. We forget to recognise the value we already have.

Often groups I work with wonder how they’re ever going to remember everything they learn. They ask, how I manage to do it?

I encourage them to release the pressure they place on themselves by choosing a different perspective. I liken it to tasks they complete in their role, and how the first time they did those tasks, it was likely to be a lot slower than it takes to do them now.

Is there some technology you or your team use every day that you aren’t as good as you could be with it? Maybe you need to apply a different perspective this week?

Donna Hanson is a productivity speaker and trainer who works with organisations and their teams to leverage technology to increase productivity and reduce risk, stress and frustration on everyday tasks.  Sign up to her monthly productivity pointers at

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