Specific is better than generic

Specific is better than generic

Specific is better than generic. 

That’s why we have specialist doctors.

Whilst we may initially visit a general doctor for a referral to say, a cardiologist, we ultimately go to specialist doctors for help with specialised needs.

So why is it when we come across a problem, such as how to do something in Excel, Word or even Outlook, the default position is to go to Google for the answer?

A search via Google will instantaneously bring up a buffet of resources for you or your team to work their way through.  However valuable time is lost looking for the specifics of what you need and determining results provided relate to your situation.

This can have a dramatic impact on productivity within an organisation.

One staff member looks for an answer, spends time working through search results, then considers how it relates to their situation.

Once they’ve worked it out they tick and item off their to do list and simply move on to their next task!

Reality is, if one person in your organisation is looking for an answer to that question, it’s likely others will too and so the process of searching, refining, contextualising and applying repeats itself costing your organisation valuable time that CANNOT be replaced.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The solution is easy and doesn’t require ‘megabucks’ to implement.

It’s as simple as creating the OPPORTUNITY for your team to collaborate with a SPECIFIC rather than GENERIC purpose in mind – to increase team productivity with the programs you use every day!

Coming together regularly and sharing how we do things not only reduces duplication associated with multiple Google searches, but it also encourages your team to knowledge share, collaborate AND build team expertise.

The first step is to moving from specific to generic is to simply take action!


Donna Hanson is a professional speaker, trainer and educator who works with organisations and their teams to increase productivity, teamwork and collaboration.

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