Stop sending, start talking

Stop sending, start talking

One of the challenges facing businesses today is the sheer volume of e-mail we send and receive and dealing with it.

It’s easy to send an email asking a question to get something off our to do list and into someone else’s, but it does two things.

  1. It creates more work for you AND the receiver. They have to deal with your request in some way, even if it’s just reading it, and you have to ‘pick up’ the conversation when you get the reply.
  2. It stretches the response time. Unless the other person has their email open waiting for your message to ‘magically’ drop into their inbox, it takes a little time for them to read and respond.

With so much to do, many people choose email believing they can get more done, but reality is it is the equivalent of asking someone a question, then turning away when they try to answer it!

What if today instead of mindlessly sending emails we considered talked to people instead?

Perhaps our productivity would increase as a result of immediate answers rather than long and drawn out too’ing and fro’ing?

What do you think?

Donna Hanson is a productivity expert who works with organisations and their teams to increase productivity and collaboration with technology.  Find out how Donna can help your team in 2020, visit, or follow her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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