Who says ideas don’t come cheap?

Who says ideas don’t come cheap?

The iconic Nike swish symbol is said to have cost only US$35 yet it’s contemporary concept has delivered value globally for years for the brand.

Whilst this is a rare example, I believe most organisations expect that to achieve spectacular results requires significant investment.

Depending on the circumstances and the outcome you are seeking, that may be true, but in many cases ideas can and DO come cheap, it’s just human nature is that we tend to overlook the obvious.

When working with clients, one of the early things I show them is how to leverage ‘Find and Select’ in Microsoft Excel to turbocharge productivity. It’s such a simple tool and when I share how to leverage it, people scratch their heads thinking about the complex formulas they had created to achieve the same results.

A fresh set of eyes can come in many forms. Chatting about a challenge with a colleague in the office kitchen; sharing your day with your partner at night; or in a more structured form established for the specific purpose of knowledge sharing.

The problem is in today’s business world this idea seems “cheap”.  It doesn’t require booking a conference venue, organising staff to fly in from multiple locations etc, all it requires is time and space to do share and discuss ideas.  Whilst finding the time can be a challenge, the results can make a really big difference.

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