The KISS Principle

The KISS Principle

Ever read a letter or email, gotten to the end only to say to yourself “I have no idea?”  Maybe you have no idea what the writer was trying to tell you, or no idea what the writer wants or expects you to do, or you are just totally confused by its purpose.

Too often, particularly in written communication, people “waffle”.  If it is something the writer is familiar with, because they either deal with the situation or the language every day, to the receiver it can seem like another language.  A bit like internal acronyms in an organisation.

When we communicate with others in writing we need to be specific and concise, not to the point of abruptness, but rather simplistic so that anyone can understand it.

The K.I.S.S. Principle has been around forever!  It simply means, if you want people to do something, keep it super simple and make it clear what you want or need done.

When we make things too complicated, the result is generally nothing.

What do you need to apply the K.I.S.S. Principle to today in your communications?

Donna Hanson is a productivity expert who believes everyone deserves the know how to get back to doing the things they love.  Follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or her YouTube channel for more thoughts.

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