Are You Getting Better?

Are You Getting Better?

The promise of technology was that it was supposed to make our lives easier and simpler, but reality is it appears to have created more work and is changing at a pace at a speed we never anticipated.

When I start work with a new client, we explore the outcomes they want to achieve for themselves or their team.  Some want to analyse data faster, some want to create more sophisticated charts, others want to learn to automate common processes.  However, these are all activities.  What every single client wants for themselves and their teams is more time! 

One of my favourite quotes comes from the former coach of Los Angeles Lakers Basketball team Pat Riley.  He says, “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.”

To me, it summarises how we should look at our skills and knowledge with technology.  You can’t go to the gym, get fit and say I don’t need to go again.  You have to keep going to maintain your strength and fitness.  Same applies with technology.  If you just use the same tools and features all the time, they become a habit.  With no time to explore faster ways, we keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

Organisations truly maximising technology are those that view education and training of staff as an investment that leverages time staff have, to get better rather than a discretionary spend.  Such an approach encourages creativity, problem solving, knowledge sharing and engagement. 

When I deliver inhouse programs, the development of skills and the sharing of knowledge is capitalised by providing a context.  At the end of our program, participants tell me how one topic we discussed is going to save them hours of stress and frustration, or they lament that they wish they had known that tip last week!

Reality is unless you are proactively working on developing your skills or muscles you aren’t getting better.  Best case scenario is you tread water, worst case scenario is as Pat Riley says”…you’re getting worse.”

So what are you doing today to get better?

Donna Hanson is a productivity expert who specialises in helping organisations get off technology and back to the things that matter. Find out how Donna helps by visiting or keep up to date with her productivity insights by following her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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