The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection

Business today has come to rely on technology for so much, but we can’t rely on it for everything. Technology helps streamline and make easier sharing and collaboration of data, but it doesn’t replace the emotional connection of conversation.

Beyoncé, Oprah and The Rolling Stones recognise the importance of connection.

Whilst technology can distribute their music and message to a global audience, these performers recognise nothing beats the experience of a live concert to create connection. It binds those present. It creates community and a shared experience that is multi-sensory and dimensional.

Feeling connected and part of a community via technology is possible but artificial. One of the easiest ways to enhance your communications and build connection in organisations is to make a place for it.

Whether it’s a shared lunchroom where staff are encouraged to disengage and connect with each other to creating opportunities to get together to share and grow as part of a structured professional development strategy.

I’ve lost count of the number of times at the end of a program participants come to me and say how great it was they got to take time and space to explore new ideas and opportunities without the time constraints associated with traditional meetings.

Whilst the process is easy, it’s taking the first step that the hardest.

Want help creating time and space for your team to reboot your productivity?

Donna delivers customised in-house programs to recreate community and teamwork with everyday technology. Call Donna’s Office on +61 39457 4745 or email and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

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