Here to help….

Here to help….

The last twelve or so weeks have required everyone in business to think outside the box and get creative.

For some of my clients transitioning to work from home was not too challenging. For others it required unexpected investment and adaptability to ensure business continuity.

As a speaker, trainer, and educator it’s been a time of change. Despite the circumstances, it has presented an opportunity to step back. To explore at a much deeper level more sophisticated ways of serving clients.

Rather than continuing to do the same thing because we’ve always done it that way, changing circumstances have required all of us to be much more creative and for clients to be more open to exploring new ideas and possibilities.

In the past eight weeks I have had the pleasure of helping existing and new clients navigate these waters in a variety of ways all with the use of technology.

  • Presenting a pre-recorded virtual presentation to a conference in the US and being available live to answer questions.
  • Support videos with ideas and insights to help teams adapt and keep them productive.
  • One on one consultations to explore ideas and opportunities within organisations
  • Fun and interactive virtual keynotes that educate, inform, and keep teams connected despite the physical distance.
  • Virtual presentations that collectively bring geographically disbursed teams together to explore ideas and opportunities to fast track common projects
  • Facilitating virtual networking events for clients to encourage business interaction and knowledge sharing
  • Creating on demand virtual presentations to support clients wherever they are in the world
  • Creating demonstration videos to show clients answers to their questions
  • Virtual presentations to help small business make decisions about moving to or leveraging their business presence online.
  • Pivoting, what had been onsite, to virtual training programs for clients including all the management of registrations and documentation reducing their workload
  • Creating client specific resource libraries to access presentation recordings for added value
  • Exploring creative ways to keep furloughed staff engaged and connected to support retention and morale
  • Identifying opportunities for clients to flip the concept of what they view as training from an expense to a necessary spend to keep staff motivated and reduce turnover and potential recruitment costs.
  • Concepts to deliver innovative insights to staff that are not business specific to help support them and their families in the lockdown.

I am blessed to do what I do and am so grateful for the clients I serve.

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