There is no “ab cruncher” for technology!

There is no “ab cruncher” for technology!

I regularly go into organisations and meet frustrated people, and as a result, I get frustrated!

Why do I get frustrated?

Because so often people made things harder than they needs to be.

Everybody is looking for the “Ab Cruncher”.

The one piece of technology, the tool or the process that is going to make our lives perfect.

Then when that happens when I just sit back and enjoy the ride, right?

That’s how it works isn’t it?

Not at all.

Reality is everyone is looking for the magic pill or thing that will fix everything. 

It does not exist.

the way to increase productivity is to start to think again.

Think about what you are doing and why you are doing and is there an easier or better way?

When we rely on our own brain just to do that we have limited capacity but reality is when we bring other minds together and bounce ideas around we end up in a much better place.

So investing some time to sit down even with one colleague and share a challenge each of you is facing and spend half an hour brain storming that topic.

By working through this simple process you not only help yourself solve a challenge you have but you will also have helped someone else.

The old adage is a problem shared is a problem halved, but I believe a problem shared activates creative solutions.

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