It’s natural walking on the street or driving a car to be respectful of those around us. We keep left or right, depending on what part of the world we are in.  This respect ensures that most of the time we know what to expect.

When working with teams, I often meet staff who express frustration when their everyday programs change or don’t do what they expect them.

For better or worse technology is here to stay.

Realistically our everyday technology is simply hardware or software designed to fast track tasks in our lives and increase our efficiency so we can get more done.  When it doesn’t feel like it is doing that, it can seem incredibly frustrating. 

Sometimes showing some respect can be as simple as asking a colleague if they know why it does something that frustrates you.  Who knows you may find the person you ask has experienced the same thing or can provide guidance and direction to reduce frustration.

Thankfully, technology can’t yet read out minds….yet, but when we show technology some respect by understanding why it does something the way it does, then we go with the flow rather than try to swim upstream, a much less stressful option I think!

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