We’re not wired to be constantly connected.

We’re not wired to be constantly connected.

I recently read the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport who’s a Computer Science Professor at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Professor Newport is a specialist in computer science.

One of the things he said in his book that resonated with me was the fact that as human beings we’re not actually wired to be wired.

You’re probably thinking, what does that mean?

As human beings, over the last fifteen or so years we’ve started to see technology become more ingrained in our day to day operations whilst technology delivers many benefits to streamline our processes and documentation, it has come at a cost.  That cost is to the relationships around us. The relationships with your colleagues, the relationship with your family and your friends.

It seems like we’re constantly distracted when we’re really not wired to be “on” 24/7.

As you plan your week, most likely working from home, why don’t you think about what you can do to make sure that you’re not constantly wired. That you’re not constantly on and that you actually giving yourself time and space to focus on the things that matter most to you, whatever they might be.

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