What’s next??

What’s next??

It’s a challenging time in business with stand downs, layoffs and furloughing of employees as well as understanding what can and can’t be done during this period.

Understandably employers and executives are worried about business expenses and viability.

Some organisations are experiencing growth – online conferencing platform Zoom, food delivery services and the like.

But the question is, how long can they/we last in the current situation?

When will this end?

What will it look like when we come out the other side, which we will?

Government and businesses are doing the best they can to keep things going.

Employees are stressed and worried about their family, home, jobs and financial future.

Employers need to keep their top talent engaged and connected, to keep them engaged and connected!

They may not be able to support all their staff financially, but they need to keep them engaged and connected so that when the light at the end of the tunnel appears, their teams are ready to go and quickly as we will be making up for lost time and opportunities.

Airlines recognise the need to be ready.  They are “stacking and packing” planes on shut down runways around the world making it easier for crews to maintain aircraft so they can be quickly bought back into service.

In his book Influence, Dr Robert Cialdini explores the significance of the age old rule of reciprocity. Put simply, in the current economic climate, if you support others, not necessarily in the monetary sense it may simply be through communication, opportunities to learn or remaining engaged with colleagues, you are essentially invoking the rule of reciprocity.

To keep your business operating and profitable in this unusual time, consider what other opportunities you can offer to your team to keep them engaged, motivated and positive.

Right now, work is an extension of family.  As a family, we want to help support each other as we are navigate this time together.

If you haven’t read Influence, or Cialdini’s new book Pre-Suasion, I highly recommend both as a useful insight to understanding how what we do an say can positively impact others.

Want help keeping your team engaged?  Donna has a range of online, on demand and virtual programs to help support you and your team.  Alternatively we can create a customised virtual programs that can engage, inspire and keep your team connected and productive, or prepare them for “go” time.  Visit the virtual programs tabs on www.donnahanson.com.au or www.primesolutions.net.au

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