What works for you may not work for everybody else

What works for you may not work for everybody else

Whilst I love the physical touch and feel of a book, there are occasional books by authors, whose work I’ve followed for a long time, that I purchase physically, but a few years ago I started purchasing my books online.

I was recently speaking with a friend about reading books electronically versus listening to books via a service such as Audible.

Whilst I can listen to the replay of a presentation, music or a video I find it hard to concentrate on listening to an audiobook.  My friend also has trouble listening to audio books and preferred reading a book physically or electronically.  However, a colleague of mine in the US only ever listens to books and rarely reads physical or electronic versions.

This goes to show one way isn’t right or wrong.  The reality is everybody interprets and analyses information differently.  Some read, some like to watch, some want to listen. None is right or wrong, but my point is, if you are communicating with colleagues, prospects or clients, it’s really important you don’t simply utilise your preferred learning method ie a written report, you consider how others prefer to digest information.  If you want the person reviewing your information to do something, then consider presenting the information in several formats to make it more meaningful.

This doesn’t mean asking them their preference, but rather being considerate in how you present data and potentially presenting the same message in three or four different ways to highlight the point to those you’re trying to get your message across to in a way that increases the likelihood of it being meaningful to them and in turn action you want them to take.

I know I’d much rather an image than some boring data, but sometimes we just do what’s easy rather than what will get the best result. 

Being strategic and intentional with how you deliver your message can have an amazing impact on understanding and action taken by your colleagues, team members, clients or prospects.  The key is presenting the message in a way that’s meaningful to them.

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