What’s your release valve?

What’s your release valve?

Sometimes it feels like we could work 24/7 and still not catch up!

Whilst working long hours may be necessary in the short term to meet deadlines, in the long term losing the balance of having life outside of work can be damaging to product as well as our physical and mental health.

Having a release valve, an activity that releases stress and frustration is vital to enable you to recharge and bring you back to a productive state.

It could be as simple as time with family, walking your dog, or a boxing class. Whatever allows you to get release any stress and anxiety.

When you know what your release valve is, the thing that enables you to reconnect and recharge your energy, it means that when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, you can activate your release valve, reset and regroup and get back to being productive again.

What’s your release valve? Donna works with organisations and their teams to help them achieve more in less time with technology they already own.  To find out how Donna helps visit www.donnahanson.com or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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