Get Out of the Forest!

Get Out of the Forest!

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated when madly looking for or trying to do something, only to find that when someone else does it, they find it or do it easily, you know what I mean!!

It often isn’t until we ask someone else to look at something that we are exposed to a different point of view.  One generally without the emotional attachment normally associated with a looming deadline.

One of the simplest ways move out of that “stuck” place is to connect with colleagues.

Recently I was working with a client who had a specific challenge with an Excel spreadsheet.  He came to me for a coaching session with two of his colleagues, looking for ideas to fast track a process in his spreadsheet. He knew there must be a better way but he and his colleagues just couldn’t find it.

I asked a few questions which initiated a conversation and he and his colleagues came up with a plan to simplify the process within a matter of 20 minutes.

Rather than go it alone trying to solve a challenge or find a resolution causing you stress and frustration, wouldn’t it make sense to get together with colleagues who know and understand what you are trying to achieve?  When you have others asking questions you can explore ideas and consider solutions, rather than not being able to see the metaphorical “forest for the trees”.

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