Breaking Old Habits

Breaking Old Habits

When I present to organisations one of the things that I always hear is people say “Oh my goodness, if only I’d known that a day, a week, a month ago. Sometimes we do things the long way. And we do things the long way for number of reasons.

The first reason might be maybe when we first started in our role somebody showed us how to do the process and we just followed it rote.
So we just followed the same processes but we don’t actually know why we’re doing them, we just do them because that’s what we’ve been told and we know if we stray from that path there is the possibility we might get it wrong.

It’s not until you’re exposed to a classroom type of environment or a collegiate environment where you can knowledge share and somebody can show you a whole lot of tips and shortcuts that you actually go “Oh my goodness, that one thing is going the save me minutes, days, hours every time I do a particular task.” So is there was something that you and your team are doing that seems to be taking such a long time you’re sure there must be a better way, but rather than wasting time trying to find out you’d rather fast track and goes straight to the fix.

Well if there is, let me know I’d love to help you and your team work SMARTER and not harder with technology.
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